Treatments at Hair Affair:

  • Cutting of your hair

    Cutting hair is not for everyone. You must have the talent and have had the right training. Listening well to the customer is very important to get to know all her / his wishes. If you are with us, we look at face shape, hair texture, type of person and how much time and energy you have to make your hairstyle. We cut ladies, men, and children.

  • Colouring of your hair

    Color your hair gray coverage bonaireAlso, we deal with colouring your hair. Partly colouring, highlights, lowlights until very nice even colourations. We work with L'Oréal Professionnel.

  • Transform your hair structure

    Hair transformation is a general word for changing the texture of your hair. With permanent waves, you can create small or large curls but you can also straighten the hair. A transformation treatment is meant for a longer period and must grow out of your hair.

  • Makeup artists

    makeup artist bonaireMakeup determines your appearance. With a little makeup, you often look much better and make you feel a lot more confident. Whether you go to work or an evening out, make-up makes the difference. It gives nuances to your personal care.

  • Bridal hairstyle & makeup

    hairdo bride and makeup bride bonaireOn the best day of your life, you want to look gorgeous! Besides a beautiful bridal hairstyle, we can also arrange your bridal makeup. You do not need to be bride to get a dazzling make-up. Do you have a party or you want to pamper yourself? There are plenty of reasons to make the best out of your self.

  • More facial treatments

    gezicht verzorgen bonaireWe also do extra care of you face. Eyelash, eyebrow or eyelash colouring, waxing your eyebrows, lip or chin; it is all possible at Hair Affair.

  • Eyelash extensions

    Extra long eyelashes bonaire Everybody wants long, thick eyelashes, and not always that works out with mascara. There is now a solution: eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions already exists in America and England and is now also a trend in the Netherlands. As a modern salon on Bonaire, we therefore offer this treatment. You should see the effect of lash extensions with your own eyes, or experience by yourself. It looks very natural, beautiful and glamorous, too. It looks like you are blessed with long lashes or you used a miracle mascara. Once you start with eyelash extensions, you do not want to know yourself without them any more.